• Socat - Create a listening service that forwards to a service inside a network namespace (socat is amazing): /usr/bin/socat UNIX-LISTEN:/run/transmission.sock,fork exec:'ip netns exec NETNS socat STDIO tcp-connect\:\:8080',nofork

    • HTTP Client -> [Unix Socket Server] ---- | Network Namespace Barrier | ----> HTTP Server (localhost listening)
  • strace -p PID - Look at calls between the process and the kernel

  • gdb, python-dbg - Look at stack traces live

  • TIL: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17083879 "My registrar suspended my domain because an abusive user was using a subdomain for phishing"

  • Make Vim respect XDG - https://tlvince.com/vim-respect-xdg

  • Write scripts, just flipping write them! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd8ulMb6_ls "Solve Your Problem with Sloppy Python" @Larry Hastings

  • A product manager can buy software from their team, but they can also buy information like, "Is X possible?" or "How many points to build Y?" or "How much support would be reduced if we did Z?".

  • Fira code for this ligatures: https://medium.com/@docodemore/an-alternative-to-operator-mono-font-6e5d040e1c7e

  • http://learnyouanagda.liamoc.net/pages/introduction.html

  • camelCase, PascalCase, snake_case, kebab-case, CAPS_CASE.

  • Sudoers:pccuser ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD:/path/to/command "" pcuser = user or %group we are giving permission to ALL= is the host (ALL works unless you are sharing file across hosts) (ALL:ALL) is (user-we-can-command-as:group-we-can-command-as), i.e. sudo -u user -g group. If omitted only root. Can use just (ALL) NOPASSWD: is tags command may be "ALL". "" prevents command parameters (do not use when specifying parameters)

    -> User Host = (Runas) Command

    • Example (placed after NO-NOPASSWD): %wheel ALL=(root) NOPASSWD:/usr/bin/pacmatic -Syu
  • microservices.io

Python Ecosystem

https://github.com/ambv/black - pycodestyle auto

JavaScript Ecosystem


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