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Inheritance in one picture
A simple introduction to insurance.
Pollution levels on TFL lines - highest on deeper, underground lines. Wear a mask.
Essential Mac OS Software: Smooze, Rectangle, Karabiner, SensibleSideButtons, SwitchResX
Essential Mac OS Software: Smooze, Rectangle, and sometimes SwitchResX
Even the last four digits of your card number are sensitive
Two programming-learning games: Bandit and Deadlock Empire
Minimum times misleading when benchmarking was eye-opening.
A ridiculously in-depth article on smooth scrolling.
Invictus is a beautiful, inspiring poem.
telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl to watch a video? Cool.
EFF’s 2016 wordlists for random passphrases.
Possible indistinguishable letters: i, l, n, o, v, z, B, D, G, I, O, Q, S, Z, 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9. DISTINGUISHABLE_LETTERS = ‘abcdefghjkmpqrstuwxyACEFHJKLMNPRTUVWXY3479’
Easily trim videos using ffmpeg.
Completely Broken Hardware Encryption in SSDs.
Force Push: git push -fu; Force Pull: git pull -fml. This needs to be a thing.
Packaging and distributing software is hard and complicated.
Disability-Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) is the metric we should be looking at. Though what about the cost-burden of the disease?
I believe that most people should avoid the current crop of IoT/smart-home devices, and BBC’s Panorama documentary gives a tiny glimpse into why.
Why does uWSGI have so many features? I don’t know.
Battery-less devices. Amazing really.
Preventing thinking biases in a workplace.
Understanding the ‘=’ sign might have been useful all the way back in secondary school.
Do You Trust this Computer? is an interesting documentary on how AI is being used and what the future might hold.
Tagging File Systems anyone? TMSU exists, but without a GUI and not really cross-device.
Life is Short. Get rid of anything that doesn’t matter.
A Sony Smart TV updates itself with an app that tracks and shares a lot of personal data… Something something EU.
Mozilla has introduced Facebook containers broadly based on multi-account containers, which demonstrates another use-case for containers.