I maintain a small list of recommendations for broadly-accessible, high-quality content that stood out to me.

I have some open-source projects and some personal projects. I may list those here one day. I'd like to do more software engineering talks.

I'm writing The Programmer's Compendium (for myself but you might find it useful). It also aggregates high-quality reference or learning materials for Software Engineering. I'm also writing The PiServer Book about a Raspberry Pi home server. Both books are largely incomplete.

Finally, I have written articles (and scribbled a bunch of thoughts) like any good blog:

  1. Using a Raspberry Pi to Show a CCTV Stream
  2. Separating Work from Work from Home
  3. Managing your Command-line Snippets
  4. Running Firefox with a Temporary Profile
  5. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th Gen (2018)
  6. Simple Email Sending on Linux
  7. Running a Single Application Through a VPN
  8. TPM2 on ASRock's H97M Pro4 Motherboard
  9. Firefox Multi-Account Containers
  10. Setting up Radicale on a Raspberry Pi
  11. Setting up Transmission as a service to use over the network
  12. Discovering your Raspberry PI on the local network
  13. Setting up a VPS using DebOps
  14. Getting to Absolutely Zero Email Spam
  15. Fixing an overheating Dell N5110 Inspiron laptop
  16. Why a Replaceable Battery may be a Good Idea for a Phone
  17. Using KeePass Effectively

Excluding the following probably-outdated posts:

  1. Error loading KeePassXC on Arch Linux
  2. Windows 8 Opt-out of data collection
  3. Fixing Windows Explorer Crashing with .Mov Files